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Each slab-built stoneware or porcelain wall square measures approximately 5”x5”x2”, is backed on wood and wired to hang on a picture hook. 


Wall squares work well individually, in pairs, vertical or horizontal lines, or small groupings.


While much of my work is one-of-a-kind or limited production and availability is subject to prior sale, "twins" of many of the pieces shown can be ordered. Expect slight variations; each and every piece is individually made.


Additions to the wet porcelain may include: 

  • slip, which is a liquid form of clay
  • nichrome wire, which has a high melting point so is added during the construction of a piece and goes through all firings as an integral part of a finished piece. Nichrome wire is used decoratively and as a way to connect one piece to another
  • ceramic stains
  • an oil paint and cold wax surface
  • metal leaf

Five Inch Ceramic Wall Squares

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